Keeping The Art Alive and Giving Back What We Can!

Northern Crescent mentors local youth and offers select paid apprenticeships. We strive to modernize blacksmithing and help the younger generations understand the vitality of this cool, fun industry. It's not just horseshoes and armor anymore, there is so much more you can do.
Iron Anniversary Gift

From Your 6th Anniversary to 60th: Great Iron Anniversary Gifts For Any Year

For your sixth anniversary, a handmade blacksmith work of art is a thoughtful and curated gift that can surprise your spouse…especially if they’re expecting a plain gift such as an iron skillet.
Gifts for Wedding Party, Groomsmen or Bridesmaids

It’s Wedding Season! That Means It’s Groomsmen Gift Season!

Wedding season is upon us here at Northern Crescent Iron, and it’s our most exciting and busiest time of year! From April to October, our team of blacksmiths are busy forging and refining handmade iron gifts for couples and their wedding party.