Nature comes to life with unexpected fine detail through our wrought iron sculptures.

Northern Crescent Iron founder Matt Waldrop has spent years studying nature’s forms and carefully bringing them to life through his blacksmith expertise. Each piece of wrought iron art has a sense of movement in its artistic lines and shape, whether as a large butterfly, a sunflower, a maple tree, a snake or another one of Northern Crescent Iron’s artworks. These sculptures make wonderful additions to any home that wants a sculpture with depth and a handmade history. Each piece is brushed and conditioned with a natural wax finish or protective coating to extend its life indoors or outdoors. Wall sculptures are easy to position and hang and are accompanied with instructions.

Imagine seeing the afternoon sun glint off four-feet-tall sunflowers in your garden.

Or enjoy coffee on the patio next to a fun and whimsical iron preying mantis.

Hang a pair of butterflies in your master bedroom or living room for a beautiful work that will last for decades.

Inspired by nature, our master craftsman hand-forges works of art in his unique aesthetic style through a timed process. These metal art sculptures are a great fit for an entryway, living room, sunroom, garden shed, or hall.

Looking for a wedding gift or housewarming present? A wrought iron sculpture is a piece that will last and be enjoyed by everyone in the home.



Order a Custom Sculpture

Our iron wall decor can be customized if you would like to commission a specific piece of art to be forged as a gift or to fit a unique space in your home or office.