Our handmade products are a result of blacksmith craftsmanship, artistic vision, and a commitment to long-lasting quality.

At Northern Crescent Iron, we create and stock a number of finely-made, hand-forged iron gifts and products for your home and lifestyle. Whether you’re seeking a wrought iron gift for a friend, an iron anniversary present, or craftsman inspiration in your home, our shop has what you need.

For the man or woman who values hand-forged accessories that will last for years, take a look at our signature railroad spike knives, unique bottle openers, iron dice and keychains. To finish the look, we have handmade local leather knife sheaths and railroad spike display stands. Our high quality railroad spike knives, stands and sheaths are handmade here in North Carolina. We use new, high caliber railroad spikes and our quality and consistency is 100% guaranteed. These accessories can be personalized with initials, dates, or special messages to make it truly one’s own. Your personal style is covered: our wrought iron knives and bottle openers are available in a variety of designs. Purchase a gift set for wedding party gifts, corporate gifts, or holiday presents.

Iron for home and garden

For the home that wants a polished look with a unique handmade story, we offer a full cabinet hardware line, artistic sculpture and wall decor such as metal tree branches, insects and iron sunflower sculptures for the garden or patio, and wrought iron furniture, fireplace grates and more.

If you don’t see exactly what you have in mind, let us know! We are happy to customize an existing product, or create custom iron work just for you. Contact us for a quote.

Shop For Gifts, Home Goods and other Handmade Products from North Carolina

We create and stock a number of standardized hand forged products. We have a full line of cabinet hardware, artistic sculpture, railroad spike knife and bottle opener gifts and accessories. Create unique interiors for your home with handmade iron wall decor.

We ship quickly, even personalized items. Orders usually ship between 2 and 5 business days after purchase. Need an item quicker? Contact us and we will get it done.