Give your employees, customers, or boss a gift they’ll appreciate. We offer corporate gifts at discounted rates for any business occasion.

Made from quality iron railroad spikes, our hand-forged iron knives are not just everyday gifts. They’re meant to convey a special message of acknowledgement and gratitude. That’s why our railroad spike knives and our personalized bottle openers make such great gift sets–they demonstrate your commitment to your company’s team and are a symbol of longevity and fortitude.

Purchase any set of 4 or more of our knives, bottle openers, display stands, knife sheaths and pairs of iron dice and enjoy a 10% discount as well as consistent quality and a nearly identical look across each item. Need a large quantity, call or email us for a quote.

The bottle opener gift set or knife gift set is the perfect fit for…

  • a retirement party
  • business retreat
  • employee of the month award
  • client gift
  • holiday present
  • team thank you gift
  • sales goal rewards
  • longevity awards

Choose our economical B16-S bottle opener for 1 year of service, while maybe a more elaborate style, such as a B22 or B25 for 5 years of service. The miniature version of our most popular knife and bottle opener are the perfect pocket or purse sized option for your group. Choose our fun dice as a team gift for reaching a sales goal, while offering a beautiful hand crafted knife for the top sales reward. Hand out Christmas gifts they will love and use for years to come, or show your clients how much you appreciate their business.

Keychains or single dice make great door prizes or mass giveaway items. A matching knife and bottle opener set make a wonderful retirement gift. You can also custom engrave or personalize any set to commemorate your special occasion. Simply browse and select your desired item, select the customization option dropdown on the product details page, and follow the easy instructions. Want your company logo on your items, contact us to create your custom logo stamp or logo shaped keychain. Take advantage of 10% off orders of $100 or more of our keychains. 

Bottle openers are a must-have party or event item.  Knives make a one-of-a-kind artful and strong utility tool to be displayed or used for decades. Pair the knives with our locally made leather knife sheaths or display stands for best presentation.

Custom Stamping Available for Corporate Sets

Give them a gift they’ll never forget, whether they are with your company for one year or twenty years. This gift set goes beyond the standard business swag to demonstrate you value the team and their contributions to long-lasting growth.

We can create a custom stamp with your company logo. Contact us for corporate gift set stamping options.