Find the perfect gift for your group or event!
We offer discounts on gift sets of our railroad spike knives and wrought iron bottle openers.

Northern Crescent is proud to offer a 10% discount on sets of four or more of our signature railroad spike knives, hand-forged bottle openers, display stands, knife sheaths, and pairs of iron dice. Get them all the same, or mix and match to create your perfect gift set. The ideal solution for groomsmen gifts, wedding party favors, bridesmaid gifts, or personalized gifts for any occasion.

Choose just the right item and style for each person to fit their personality and taste, then add their name, initials, or a special message to create the perfect gift for each individual. Or choose a matching set that works well for everyone. Think ahead and save. Get Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, and birthday presents at a discount when you order 4 or more knives, bottle openers, display stands, knife sheaths, and pairs of iron dice. We guarantee your recipients will treasure their gifts long after the special day has ended.

We want your special day to be a success.

Imagine a corporate retreat where you give your employees a beautifully engraved knife, keychain, or bottle opener instead of another generic company t-shirt. Order multiple items and styles to use as retirement gifts, longevity appreciation gifts, or maybe awards for meeting a sales or revenue goal.

Consider the happy surprise on your wedding party’s faces when they open gift boxes with personalized bottle openers…and the father of the bride receives his very own heritage railroad spike knife he can add to his collection.

Celebrate a reunion, girl’s getaway, or gentlemen’s weekend with the ultimate personalized gift set that your friends will treasure.

All of our products are handmade with a commitment to quality based on decades of craftsmanship and experience. The quality is consistent across each item in the set, presenting a nearly identical look while each piece is still unique.

How To Order

1. Choose your item(s).
Mix and match any 4 or more bottle openers, knives, display stands or knife sheaths to receive 10% off your order.

2. Customize your item(s).
You can choose the same stamping customization for each item, or customize each item individually.  10% off also applies to character stamping cost when purchasing 4 or more bottle openers or knives.

For IDENTICAL character stamping customization on all items: (such as a date or message) simply customize a single item, then increase the quantity and add to your cart. Discount will be applied upon checkout.

For a DIFFERENT character stamping customization on each item: (such as names, initial, or a unique message for each item) customize each item individually and add them to your cart as single items. Discount is applied upon checkout.

3. Choose shipping options and finish checkout.
Is it a last-minute gifts? No problem, we can ship your customized items quickly.  Choose the shipping option you prefer, and place your order.  We’ll stamp your items by hand (accuracy guaranteed) and ship them out to you quickly.

10% off 4 or more knives, sheaths, display stands, bottle openers and pairs of iron dice!

Discount is applied automatically at checkout. Discount also applies to any character stamping cost.

We’re here to help – please get in touch with us if you have questions!

Create Your Gift Set

With personalization options and quick superior service, our discounted group sets are the perfect choice for any group event.

You can custom engrave or personalize any set to commemorate your special occasion. See the product page for details and easily select the Customization dropdown. The engraving is stamped nice and deep into the steel so it can be clearly read and will last with use.

Shop for our knives or bottle openers to create your own gift set.